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Don't Be A Lab Rat (Human Lab Rat Cage)

Don’t Be A Lab Rat

On New Year’s Day 2014, Colorado became the first state in the country to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Later that summer, our ad agency was responsible for developing and launching the first youth marijuana prevention campaign in a post-legalization world – Don’t Be A Lab Rat – designed to increase the perception of risk associated with youth marijuana usage. After the campaign was completed, an independent tracking study determined that it successfully increased teens’ perceptions of risk as it related to youth marijuana use across every key message we utilized and it found that their intention to use the substance also decreased. Throughout the process of creating this campaign, we learned several valuable pieces of information that may be helpful to any adult looking for ways to broach this topic with a child or teen in their life. Kids are smart and want to know the real facts Prior ...
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Our First Customer Saturday...

Tie Dyeing T-Shirts at Yelm Prairie Days

Children flocked to the Rainier Community Cares booth to make their own tie-dyed T-shirts at Yelm Prairie days this year.  In the end, we ran out of white shirts and the kids tie dyed colored shirts. Dyeing a T-shirt with favorite colors Each child picked out their favorite colors to dye their shirts. Happy girl with her tie-dyed T-shirt in a Ziploc bag Once each child finished their shirt, it was placed in a one-gallon freezer bag, where it would remain for the next 24 hours, while the colors set in the shirt. Family with T-shirts and Rainier Community Cares gifts. Tabling was a hit in the park.  We gave out literature on Rainier Community Cares, colored T-shirts, bookmarks and shopping bags to adults and teens, while we invited them to our Movie in the Park in Rainier on Saturday evening ...
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Parents Matter

Parents Matter – Marijuana Campaign 2015

Rainier Community Cares' current “Parents Matter” campaign is about marijuana.  Where recreational use of marijuana has been legalized for people over 21, it is still illegal for minors to possess or use it. Early use of marijuana can have serious impact on adolescents, because of the many developmental changes that occur during that time: physical, intellectual and social.  Not only does it affect movement and balance while intoxicated, over the long haul it affects the ability to make sound decisions, think clearly or have the ability to focus and concentrate. Because neural pathways are still developing, long-term use of marijuana before the age of 16 can have a serious, adverse effect on adolescent brain development, causing a permanent drop in IQ*.  This causes poorer educational outcomes, resulting in lower income and a poorer overall future. Those who use marijuana are at a social disadvantage. It can lead to problematic friendships, ...
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Family Fun Day 2014

FREE Family Fun Day

The Rainier Lions Club will be hosting a Family Fun Day again this year at the Rainier Elementary School Gym on May 9th from 11 am to 4 pm.   Rainier Community Cares will be supplying FREE food for all that attend (okay, dogs and chips, not sure that falls in the food category).  The intent is just to give families with children an opportunity to have some fun, make things & learn things without having to spend money. In past years, we've made bird houses, mason bee hives, kites (one even flew), spinning tops, done face painting, t-shirt coloring, given away free flags, had demonstrations from Rossi Boots 3-D printer (really neat), showed people how to raise worms (outside) and much, much more! This year some of the groups that will be there are The American Legion, the Rainier Lions, Thurston Fire, Thurston Sheriffs Department, Sea Mar in Yelm, Rainier ...
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