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Social Hosting

Social Hosting Ordinance – What does it mean?

What do you think of adults being held responsible for hosting a party for underage youth? What if the adult was upstairs sleeping? What if they just weren't home? Should parents still be accountable for youth drinking alcohol in their home? A social hosting ordinance says yes to all of the above. Parents and adults should be responsible regardless of whether they had knowledge of a party with underage drinkers at their home. The City of Rainier adopted a Social Host Ordinance in 2012 to add another layer of accountability for parents to know what activities their children are engaged in and who they are with. The reality is, it can be challenging to effectively monitor your child, but this ordinance states it is ultimately parents' responsibility to do just that if we hope to ensure kids make wise and healthy decisions. Here's a summary of what the Rainier ordinance ...
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Left to Right: Chris Chitwood, Kailee Dunn, Linda Johnson

Miss Washington Visits Rainier Middle School

Miss Washington "You are the pilot of your future", Kailee Dunn, Miss Washington 2014 - 2015 emphasized to Rainier Middle School (RMS) students. Kailee visited RMS on March 12 to present on the topic of "Media Awareness". We all have heard how businesses market to kids - whether it's toys or hamburgers. But how about adult products like alcohol and tobacco? That's where Kailee's presentation comes in. It all began when The Miss Washington Scholarship Organization along with Educational Service District 113 and True North Student Assistance, who currently works with Rainier School District to provide drug and alcohol prevention, intervention and treatment services, joined together to start a media awareness presentation on alcohol in 2004.  By 2012, both organizations knew it was having an impact on students and added tobacco and marijuana to the message. Kailee usually starts her presentation with the "Alphabet Game" to show students how influenced ...
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