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High in Plain Sight Galloway with display

“You Can’t Stop What You Don’t Know”

The Bucoda-Tenino Healthy Action Team (B-THAT) sponsored a "High in Plain Sight" workshop for anyone who was interested in preventing youth substance abuse. Stacia Wasmundt, the B-THAT coalition coordinator, and Tenino City Councilmember John J. O'Callahan attended this workshop in Tumwater last year, and were very impressed with the training and how much they learned about drug and alcohol concealment methods.  They shared what they learned with the rest of the B-THAT members, and the group voted to have Officer Jermaine Galloway come and give his presentation in Tenino in order to spread awareness about current trends in youth drug culture. Galloway started his presentation by saying "Our future is in our children."  He said that businesses market to children because if they "get them" early, they'll have a customer for life. He constantly updates his “High in Plain Sight” training to keep up with current trends.  He brought more ...
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