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Happy New Year's Fireworks 2016

Having Substance-Free Fun During the Holidays

During the holidays, it can be difficult for some children and teens to get away from the temptations of drugs and alcohol. There are always ways to keep busy and happy without including those unhealthy habits. To keep the holiday spirit alive, some families like to get together and do things such as bake cookies, listen to music, do crafts or play board games. Others may go to a dance class with a friend, make a new tradition, enjoy the light displays or get a bite to eat. There is almost always something going on in the community as well, that would be useful for all ages. Whatever you plan to do over this holiday season, make sure it is healthy and safe, and know there is always fun to be had! When I am spending time with my family, one of my favorite things to do is bake cookies ...
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Nightmare be Gone

Nightmares Be Gone!

As we get closer to Halloween, it’s exciting to plan all the “scary” fun and games. But for some children, this time of year can set off nightmares or make them worse. Here are some tips for helping your child handle nightmares: If they need to talk, let them talk while you just listen. While some believe talking about the dream can make it more vivid, it can also allow a child to realize how unrealistic the dream was so there really is no chance of it actually happening. You will know whether your child needs to talk or prefers not to. After they have talked, subtly change the topic to something fun, such as the vacation you took last summer, or are planning next year.  Favorite objects such as a stuffed toy or a blanket can give a child a sense of security and help ease fears to overcome ...
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Our First Customer Saturday...

Tie Dyeing T-Shirts at Yelm Prairie Days

Children flocked to the Rainier Community Cares booth to make their own tie-dyed T-shirts at Yelm Prairie days this year.  In the end, we ran out of white shirts and the kids tie dyed colored shirts. Dyeing a T-shirt with favorite colors Each child picked out their favorite colors to dye their shirts. Happy girl with her tie-dyed T-shirt in a Ziploc bag Once each child finished their shirt, it was placed in a one-gallon freezer bag, where it would remain for the next 24 hours, while the colors set in the shirt. Family with T-shirts and Rainier Community Cares gifts. Tabling was a hit in the park.  We gave out literature on Rainier Community Cares, colored T-shirts, bookmarks and shopping bags to adults and teens, while we invited them to our Movie in the Park in Rainier on Saturday evening ...
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Parents Matter

How to have “the Talk” about Marijuana

When do I start talking about marijuana?  What do I say to my kids about using it? These are really tough questions. The answers vary depending on the age and maturity of your child. It’s usually best to answer your child at their level. A parent with a 10 year old won't handle this situation in the same way a parent of a 16 year old will. This guide from Seattle Children's Hospital is a strong, helpful resource on finding a good way to talk to your child. Dangers of Marijuana for Youth: Marijuana is addictive. It is the number one reason that teens enter substance abuse treatment programs in Washington. Because adolescent brains are still developing, teens under the age of 14 are four times more likely to become addicted, causing them to experience difficulty memorizing things. It can result in academic failure and dropping out of school. Because ...
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Colorful Hand Print

Raising Responsible Children

Do you worry about how to raise your children to be responsible adults?  Well, don’t worry, it’s really quite easy. Children want to feel like an important and necessary part of the family.  You can show them they are important and capable - and teach responsibility - at the same time.  This is where family chores come in. No matter what age your child is, there is a chore that is appropriate for their developmental stage.  Even as toddlers, they can help you by doing things such as picking up their toys.  As they get older, they can help set the table, feed the dog, take out the trash. If you make learning these chores fun for your child, they will learn them faster and easier. When teaching the toddler to pick up toys, make a game of it.  When they are setting the table that is the perfect time ...
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