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Saying “No” Isn’t Easy

by Anonymous (as told to Linda Johnson) Some conversations just catch you off guard. Your heart starts pounding in your chest and it takes your breath away.  When my best friend's 18-year-old sister called from college and asked me to buy her a bottle of alcohol, I was stunned.  I had to pause before I answered her. It seemed like a simple request. I thought, but this is a really good kid and she's going to college on a scholarship. I said "No. I can't do that. I know you're curious, but you're a good kid and I can't do that to you. Your brain is still developing." She knows me really well. I'm pretty open and easy going, so she was very surprised when I said no.  Then she asked if I was sure and I said "Yes, of course I'm sure. If you're caught I could go to ...
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Left to Right: Chris Chitwood, Kailee Dunn, Linda Johnson

Miss Washington Visits Rainier Middle School

Miss Washington "You are the pilot of your future", Kailee Dunn, Miss Washington 2014 - 2015 emphasized to Rainier Middle School (RMS) students. Kailee visited RMS on March 12 to present on the topic of "Media Awareness". We all have heard how businesses market to kids - whether it's toys or hamburgers. But how about adult products like alcohol and tobacco? That's where Kailee's presentation comes in. It all began when The Miss Washington Scholarship Organization along with Educational Service District 113 and True North Student Assistance, who currently works with Rainier School District to provide drug and alcohol prevention, intervention and treatment services, joined together to start a media awareness presentation on alcohol in 2004.  By 2012, both organizations knew it was having an impact on students and added tobacco and marijuana to the message. Kailee usually starts her presentation with the "Alphabet Game" to show students how influenced ...
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