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Movie in the Park “HOME” is a Hit!

It was raining when we got to Wilkowski Park to set up for the movie.  We put up a canopy so we could stay dry as we bravely waited out the shower.  According to the weather reports, the precipitation was 4 1/2 hours early!  Disappointed, we watched the clouds and kept checking our cell phones for weather report updates.

We were just about to cancel the “Movie in the Park” when the rain cleared. Clear skies were on the horizon, so we hurried and set up to show the new movie “HOME.”

Setting up the Inflatable Movie Screen

Setting up the Inflatable Movie Screen

By 7 PM we had over 50 people in the park.

The movie crowd starts to arrive!

The movie crowd starts to arrive!

The excitement grew, as the crowd increased to over 200 people.  This was our largest crowd ever!  People brought their own canopies and shelters in case of rain.  Black plastic bags protected the speakers and amplifier.  We were showing the movie, come rain, wind or squall.

Cub Scouts waiting under their Canopy

Cub Scouts Waiting under Their Canopy

Students from the Rainier Middle School ASB made fresh popcorn, which they sold for $.50 a bag.  Members of the Thurston County Fire Department sold freshly made cotton candy for $.50 each.  Both concession stands had long, long lines, filled with excited kids of all ages.

Concession stand at the Movie in the Park...

Concession Stand at the Latest Movie in the Park

We gave out FREE “Parents Matter” T-shirts to kids and adults alike. When we ran out of kids T-shirts, we gave out mini-beach balls and fruit chewy candies. The kids weren’t shy about wearing their new T-shirts.  So before the movie started, we had kids in neon-colored shirts racing through the crowd in time to the music!

Kids in colorful "Parents Matter" T-Shirts!

Kids running around in their new, colorful “Parents Matter” T-Shirts!

Once the movie started…we were mesmerized by the sounds of “HOME.”

HOME in the park...

Dusk came and the movie started… “HOME” in the park!

Although this is our last “Movie in the Park” for 2015, we’re looking forward to next year! If you want to let us know what movies you’d like to see next year, please contact us on Facebook. Or like us on Facebook so you can join us for more family fun activities!

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