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Movie in the Park “Despicable Me 2”

Look at the Crowd!!

Everyone gathered to watch “Despicable Me 2”  in Wilkowski Park on June 27.  The crowd was dressed in summer clothing, because it was still sweltering outside.  It was unusually quiet for a movie in the park.  People were relaxing and hoping that it would cool down.

Crowd at our Movie in the Park on June 27, 2015

Crowd at our Movie in the Park on June 27, 2015

While Rainier Community Cares members made a presentation to the crowd, Cub Scouts  helped by handing out shopping bags with Rainier Community Cares flyers and pamphlets in them.  The children worked in teams to fill the bags and take them out to the movie goers, giving out dozens of bags.

The Cub Scouts gave out free "Otter Pops"

The Cub Scouts gave out free “Otter Pops” while RCC members gave out cherries and T-shirts.

There were families with 3 generations sitting together to watch the movie.  Friends saw each other and visited together, sharing news about the activities that are going on around town.

Come join us for the FUN!

Our next Movie in the Park will be held July 11!  The movie we’re showing is “HOME.”

Movie in the Park "HOME"

Movie in the Park July 11, 2015, “HOME”



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