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Movie in the Park: Big Hero 6

Once again Rainier Community Cares brought  the Rainier community together for a Movie in the Park, by showing Disney’s “Big Hero 6” on the big, inflatable screen in Wilkowski Park.

Putting up the Inflatable Movie Screen

Putting up the inflatable movie screen

Helpers in their new Parents Matter T-Shirts.

Helpers in their new Parents Matter T-shirts.

Rainier Middle School Girls prepare popcorn

Rainier Middle School girls prepare popcorn

Before the movie started, Rainier Cub Scout Pack #307 gave out free Otter Pops.  A long-time resident of Rainier, Jill Wilkinson, her daughter Elizabeth and several students from Rainier Middle School  ASB brought a popcorn machine made fresh popcorn. Teri Rendahl, a grandmother of three elementary school students, said “It’s the best popcorn I’ve ever eaten. It’s addictive.”

Movie in the Park Crowd on June 12, 2015

Movie in the Park crowd on June 12, 2015

Children ran around and played.  They colored pictures for the contest.  The contest winners will be announced at the next Movie in the Park on Saturday, June 27.

Juliette Pia and Chris Chitwood giving out prizes!!

Juliette Pia and Chris Chitwood giving prizes

By 9 p.m., the crowd had grown to over 150 people, who had brought chairs and blankets so they’d be comfortable as they watched the show.  Before the show a few announcements were made, followed by a game. The audience was asked questions and the person who answered the questions correctly, received a prize.

Movies in the Park HERO 6 Big Screen View

Movies in the Park “Big Hero 6” big-screen view

Finally, at dusk, the movie started, so the laughter and visiting stopped. Suddenly it became very quiet, as all eyes were watching Disney’s “BIG HERO 6” on the big inflatable screen in the park.

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