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The Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad

I’ve lived in Rainier for over 27 years and worked at the Rainier Market for almost 14 years.  During that time, I’ve seen it all.

There was a night, at midnight, that one of our city police officers came in and said I would have to close the store.  He said that the street was being closed because he discovered a BOMB in the laundromat across the street.  The Olympia bomb squad  was on the way to “disarm it.”
I decided to not close the store.  I  just watched from the store window, not believing that anyone would bomb the laundromat in Rainier.
Well, the bomb squad showed up with the disposal unit and carefully entered the building. After a few minutes they all came out laughing.  It turned out that it was not a BOMB, but rather it was a BONG.  We nicknamed the naive Rainier police officer “The Bong Squad.”
Another night, another call into the bomb squad.  A marijuana pipe, lying in the street,  again was misidentified as a bomb, taking “to serve and protect” to a comical level.
Editor’s Note:  We've become much more sophisticated over the years.  It's funny to read about what happened over 20 years ago, when a police officer didn't know what a bong was.  The drug culture is more sophisticated now.  There are marijuana edibles, logos, nomenclature, T-shirts, electronic "vaping" devices. People can get "High in Plain Sight."  Learn more about some of the new tools of the drug trade here:


George Johnson

George is Co-Chair at Rainier Community Cares. George has been a resident in Rainier for over 20
years with a lot of community involvement, including the Rainier Lions Club and Rainier Senior Center.

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