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Major Goals

What Are We Trying to Do?

The coalition’s long-term goal is to reduce underage drinking, problem drinking, and tobacco and other drug use.

We look at the problems of underage drinking, tobacco and other drug use, their root causes and local conditions to come up with a Plan of Action each year.

For a current, detailed Plan of Action, please contact us.

3 Major Goals

  1. Soccer GoalBuild a strong coalition that is able to outreach and share the latest science and information out into the community.
  2. Work to prevent and decrease youth alcohol and drug use by:

    •   Transforming the perception that underage drinking and/or drug use (such as marijuana) is “normal” and therefore harmless, into “normalized” healthy behaviors instead.

    •   Enforcing current and new policies that support healthy youth behaviors.

    •   Building skills for youth and adults that lead to positive activities for both individuals and the community.

  3. Increase Parenting Tools and resources that promote healthy communication and boundaries within families.