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Rainier Community Cares consists of community members working together to create a healthier environment for the youth, young adults and others who live in Rainier and the surrounding community.

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Rainier Market (Behind the Shell gas pumps)

I Remember When … The Rainier Market

"I Remember Rainier When..." by George Johnson The Rainier Market Homer's Rainier Market was kind of the center of Rainier.  Just about everyone in town stopped in once in a while to catch up on rumors.  You could sit in the corner with a cup of coffee and kibitz with everyone that came in.  It was the town meeting place and a lot of politicking went on in there as well. Every Saturday the Rainier Market sold "Homer Dogs."  We would set up a table with chafing dishes and keep them full of quarter-pound beef brands and buns.  Many customers would stand in line on Saturdays, waiting for the Homer Dogs at 10 AM.  The price was only a dollar when it first started, so many families made it their Saturday lunch stop. We were all a little crazy.  You had to be to work there!  Homer was always trying to scare ...
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Minds Under Construction

Tips for Parents…

According to the Washington State Healthy Youth survey, the average age when students report drinking alcohol at least monthly is between 13 and 14 years old. This is also when they report first trying marijuana. This startling information highlights the need to talk to your kids early about the risks of using substances while their body and brain are still developing, and to clearly express your family expectations about the use of alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs. There are many resources available to help parents prepare and initiate discussions about substance use. While there is no one right way to have this discussion, there are some common points that all the resources suggest. The ultimate goal of any conversation with your child is to express to them how much you care about their health, safety, and overall well-being. The following is a general set of pointers. A list of resources ...
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The 7 C's of Resilience

Navigating “The 7 Cs of Parenting”: 1) Confidence

Young people gain confidence when they can demonstrate their competence in real-life activities.  Their abilities are rooted in experience.  When children experience the results of making healthy decisions with safe, positive outcomes, they feel secure in their own competence.  They learn to cope when they are faced with difficult decisions and life's challenges. Every child has to build their confidence by building competence as they try new activities and embark on new adventures.  Children build confidence every time they make a sound choice that leads to the desired results. When a child is encouraged to have the personal qualities of fairness, integrity, kindness and compassion, rather than just focusing on their achievements, they are likely to see the best in themselves and others.  Children need to be encouraged to meet realistic goals instead of being held to unrealistic, high expectations. Catching your child "doing something good," without being asked, helps build their self confidence. Download ...
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