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5 Tips To Make Back-to-School Time a Breeze!

Back to SchoolIt’s always hard to say goodbye to summer, but going back to school can also be a great experience if everyone is well-prepared. Here are some tips to help your child get back into the school routine:

  1. About a week before school starts, begin getting back to regular bedtime and wake-up time. You can start slowly, by adjusting in ½ hour increments. If you wait until the night before school starts, the quick change can make for a rough morning.
  2. Have the kids help make a schedule. Let them help decide what time they will need to go to bed to get enough rest, and what time they will need to get up to get ready in time. These are time management skills that will serve them well as working adults.
  3. Create a place to organize school supplies and to do homework. Most likely over the summer any place that you had set up last year has now been taken over with other things like hobbies. Time to clear it out.
  4. Take the kids shopping to pick out their breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. Knowing ahead of time that food needs are planned (and healthy), can really take some of the stress out of that first week. Shopping for food is also another skill that will serve kids later in life.
  5. Go to the school’s website and review all the information with your child, particularly the student handbook. Ask if they have any questions or concerns so that you can address them before school starts so there won’t be any surprises.

Bonus Tip: Keep it positive! If you talk about all the fun parts of school with your kids, they will go into the new school year with a great attitude as well.


Nancy Keaton

Nancy is the Program Manager of Child & Family Studies at Centralia College.

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