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The 7 C's of Resilience

Navigating “The 7 Cs of Parenting”: 5) Contribution

When children contribute, they gain a sense of purpose. This teaches them one of the most powerful lessons a child can learn:  The world is a better place because they are in it. This inspires them to take actions and make choices that improve the world they live in. This builds their sense of confidence and strengthens their character. Parents who teach the importance of serving others, help their children build social contacts and security. These children then can build relationships with other adults who serve as role models,  as they watch these people contribute to their communities. One Step at a Time: Make it clear to your children that they can do things that improve the world. Receiving a "thank you" for a job well done reinforces a child's contributions to their community.  Congratulate your child when they accomplish something or complete a task well. Positive contributions to society ...
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Little Red School House

Free School Supplies for Thurston County Kids on Aug. 20

Have you ever faced having to choose between buying food and clothes or crayons, pens, scissors, paper and a notebook for your school-age child? Each year, many parents look at the brightly colored "Back to School" banners with dread as they face exactly these choices. The Little Red Schoolhouse Project was founded in response to this need. Every fall they send thousands of students back to school with basic school supplies, a backpack, new socks and underwear, and a clean coat. Do you need help with supplies? If your kids go to school in the Rainier or Yelm school district, or anywhere else in Thurston County, and if you are having trouble affording all of the items your child needs, then you qualify for this event. That’s all there is to it. No income verification is required, just show up on the 20th! This year’s event is Thursday, Aug. 20, ...
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