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The 7 C's of Resilience

Navigating “The 7 Cs of Parenting”: 3) Connection

Family connections are critical in a child's life.  Connections to civic, religious, educational, ethnic and athletic groups supplements a child's family bonds, extending their sense of belonging to a wider world.  These connections helps a child learn how to navigate safely in different environments. Social connections provide a "protective factor" for people.  Children need close ties with their family, friends, school and community in order to develop the strong bonds of security that builds a foundation for healthy values, which will help to prevent them from getting involved in destructive behaviors. Physical and emotional safety and security develop in the home.  Children who are allowed to express both their positive and negative emotions at home learn they can go to to others for support during difficult times.  Children who learn to work safely through family conflicts are more likely to address their problems outside of the family in a healthy ...
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