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Five Inexpensive Ideas for Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

When the kids are home for the summer, it’s not always easy to keep them entertained, especially if money is tight. So here are some ideas that you can do that won’t break even the smallest budget: Scavenger Hunt - Make a list of items for your child to find, and have them check them off the list as they find them. They can be things around your house or your neighborhood, and items or tasks such as finding a red bicycle or finding a street sign that has four vowels in it. Have “Game and Cookie Night” - Have the kids help make a batch of cookies, then everyone can sit down and play board games together while enjoying their delicious treats! Go on a picnic - It’s easy to forget the simple things. Make simple sandwiches and snacks and head outdoors to your own backyard or to a ...
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Coffee with a Cop

May News from Coffee with a Cop

Greg Elwin facilitated the May 19th "Coffee with a Cop" meeting.  He said Rainier has a low "personal" crime rate and virtually no heinous crimes, or officer related shootings. The good news is that the crime rate is relatively stable. The bad news is, due to drug use, criminals are more prone to violence then they were 25 years ago. All of Thurston County has a high property crime rate.  Greg said "burglars are spineless, sneaky, opportunistic people." They seek out easy "targets of opportunity" because they don't want to be seen. They'll try car door handles, until they find an unlocked car.  They'll look for an unlocked home or open window, because kicking in a door, or smashing a window is too noisy and attracts attention. According to Greg, he estimates that about: 80 -85% is directly attributed to drug use.  These burglars need money to feed their drug habit. 15 - ...
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Substance Abuse: A Community Response 2015

TOGETHER! and the Thurston County Drug Action Team held their sixth annual "Substance Abuse: A Community Response" seminar at  Great Wolf Lodge on April 29 and 30 this year. Rainier Community Cares members as well as professionals from Rainier and Tenino were in attendance. There were two keynote speakers. On April 29, Thurston County Public Health and Social Services Director Don Sloma, MPH, talked about substance abuse being not only a health issue, but a social justice issue.  He shared a couple of links:  A Plan for a Healthier Washington and Transformation for a Healthier Washington.  He said,  "If someone says 'it's my way or her way' go a third way." On April 30, Dr. Jason Kilmer of the University of Washington spoke about the state of intoxication.  Several studies have been done about drinking and marijuana.  They've found a direct link between expectation and the level a person got "high" ...
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Parents Matter

Parents Matter – Marijuana Campaign 2015

Rainier Community Cares' current “Parents Matter” campaign is about marijuana.  Where recreational use of marijuana has been legalized for people over 21, it is still illegal for minors to possess or use it. Early use of marijuana can have serious impact on adolescents, because of the many developmental changes that occur during that time: physical, intellectual and social.  Not only does it affect movement and balance while intoxicated, over the long haul it affects the ability to make sound decisions, think clearly or have the ability to focus and concentrate. Because neural pathways are still developing, long-term use of marijuana before the age of 16 can have a serious, adverse effect on adolescent brain development, causing a permanent drop in IQ*.  This causes poorer educational outcomes, resulting in lower income and a poorer overall future. Those who use marijuana are at a social disadvantage. It can lead to problematic friendships, ...
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