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Coffee with a Cop

May News from Coffee with a Cop

Greg Elwin facilitated the May 19th "Coffee with a Cop" meeting.  He said Rainier has a low "personal" crime rate and virtually no heinous crimes, or officer related shootings. The good news is that the crime rate is relatively stable. The bad news is, due to drug use, criminals are more prone to violence then they were 25 years ago. All of Thurston County has a high property crime rate.  Greg said "burglars are spineless, sneaky, opportunistic people." They seek out easy "targets of opportunity" because they don't want to be seen. They'll try car door handles, until they find an unlocked car.  They'll look for an unlocked home or open window, because kicking in a door, or smashing a window is too noisy and attracts attention. According to Greg, he estimates that about: 80 -85% is directly attributed to drug use.  These burglars need money to feed their drug habit. 15 - ...
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