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Substance Abuse: A Community Response 2015

TOGETHER! and the Thurston County Drug Action Team held their sixth annual "Substance Abuse: A Community Response" seminar at  Great Wolf Lodge on April 29 and 30 this year. Rainier Community Cares members as well as professionals from Rainier and Tenino were in attendance. There were two keynote speakers. On April 29, Thurston County Public Health and Social Services Director Don Sloma, MPH, talked about substance abuse being not only a health issue, but a social justice issue.  He shared a couple of links:  A Plan for a Healthier Washington and Transformation for a Healthier Washington.  He said,  "If someone says 'it's my way or her way' go a third way." On April 30, Dr. Jason Kilmer of the University of Washington spoke about the state of intoxication.  Several studies have been done about drinking and marijuana.  They've found a direct link between expectation and the level a person got "high" ...
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