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Parents Matter

Parents Matter – Marijuana Campaign 2015

Rainier Community Cares' current “Parents Matter” campaign is about marijuana.  Where recreational use of marijuana has been legalized for people over 21, it is still illegal for minors to possess or use it. Early use of marijuana can have serious impact on adolescents, because of the many developmental changes that occur during that time: physical, intellectual and social.  Not only does it affect movement and balance while intoxicated, over the long haul it affects the ability to make sound decisions, think clearly or have the ability to focus and concentrate. Because neural pathways are still developing, long-term use of marijuana before the age of 16 can have a serious, adverse effect on adolescent brain development, causing a permanent drop in IQ*.  This causes poorer educational outcomes, resulting in lower income and a poorer overall future. Those who use marijuana are at a social disadvantage. It can lead to problematic friendships, ...
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