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Bomb Squad

The Bomb Squad

I've lived in Rainier for over 27 years and worked at the Rainier Market for almost 14 years.  During that time, I've seen it all. There was a night, at midnight, that one of our city police officers came in and said I would have to close the store.  He said that the street was being closed because he discovered a BOMB in the laundromat across the street.  The Olympia bomb squad  was on the way to "disarm it." I decided to not close the store.  I  just watched from the store window, not believing that anyone would bomb the laundromat in Rainier. Well, the bomb squad showed up with the disposal unit and carefully entered the building. After a few minutes they all came out laughing.  It turned out that it was not a BOMB, but rather it was a BONG.  We nicknamed the naive Rainier police officer "The ...
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Jessee & his daughter Bobbie Cook, waiting to "Ride and Toss Beach Balls" from the Ford Mustang.

RCC to give out Beach Balls at “Movie in the Park”

We huffed and puffed & blew up hundreds of beach balls for the audience at the Yelm Prairie Day's Parade. Sh..... the mini-compressor helped us blow up most of the beach balls.   Even though the inside of the truck bed and cab were filled with beach balls & the Ford Mustang was loaded with beach balls... we ran out of them at about Clark Street.  We're sorry, did not have enough inflatable beach balls on hand for everyone who attended the Yelm Prairie Days Parade. Come and get your Rainier Community Cares Beach Ball If you still want a mini beach ball come join us at the "Movie in the Park" on Saturday Night.  We are showing "Despicable Me 2" and there will be popcorn and otter pops. This is free event in Rainier.  There will be drawings and prizes starting around 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM on Saturday June 27th at ...
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Putting up the Inflatable Movie Screen

Movie in the Park: Big Hero 6

Once again Rainier Community Cares brought  the Rainier community together for a Movie in the Park, by showing Disney's "Big Hero 6" on the big, inflatable screen in Wilkowski Park. Before the movie started, Rainier Cub Scout Pack #307 gave out free Otter Pops.  A long-time resident of Rainier, Jill Wilkinson, her daughter Elizabeth and several students from Rainier Middle School  ASB brought a popcorn machine made fresh popcorn. Teri Rendahl, a grandmother of three elementary school students, said "It's the best popcorn I've ever eaten. It's addictive." Children ran around and played.  They colored pictures for the contest.  The contest winners will be announced at the next Movie in the Park on Saturday, June 27. By 9 p.m., the crowd had grown to over 150 people, who had brought chairs and blankets so they'd be comfortable as they watched the show.  Before the show a few announcements were made, followed ...
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Sonjas Restaurant

Sonja’s Restaurant Sells Groceries

"I Remember Rainier When..." by George Johnson Sonja's Restaurant Sonja's Restaurant opened in 1994.  When it first opened, it was just a small burger stand. Sonja and her husband, Gene Cram, rebuilt the restaurant into what it is today.  Gene did most of the work himself.  He said "I made everything in the restaurant.  I enjoy everything I do, so it's not work.  If you don't enjoy doing something, you probably won't do a good job." When I asked Gene what he thinks about all the changes they've made in the restaurant, he smiled and said, "It's SUPER!" Sonja's fridge with food for sale to the public. Sonja's Restaurant started selling groceries in Rainier after the Rainier Market closed.  When you first walk into Sonja's Restaurant, you'll pass a commercial refrigerator filled with produce, eggs and dairy products.  As you move into the seating area, the walls behind you are again ...
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High in Plain Sight Galloway with display

“You Can’t Stop What You Don’t Know”

The Bucoda-Tenino Healthy Action Team (B-THAT) sponsored a "High in Plain Sight" workshop for anyone who was interested in preventing youth substance abuse. Stacia Wasmundt, the B-THAT coalition coordinator, and Tenino City Councilmember John J. O'Callahan attended this workshop in Tumwater last year, and were very impressed with the training and how much they learned about drug and alcohol concealment methods.  They shared what they learned with the rest of the B-THAT members, and the group voted to have Officer Jermaine Galloway come and give his presentation in Tenino in order to spread awareness about current trends in youth drug culture. Galloway started his presentation by saying "Our future is in our children."  He said that businesses market to children because if they "get them" early, they'll have a customer for life. He constantly updates his “High in Plain Sight” training to keep up with current trends.  He brought more ...
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