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Family Dinner

What’s the Secret to Communicating with Your Child?

The secret to good communication skills with your child is really very simple – talk to them like you talk to your best friend! When you talk with your friend, you are empathetic, you listen, you recognize their feelings. You allow them to vent, to get angry, to say things with you that they can’t say to anyone else because they feel safe with you. You don’t try to embarrass them, make them feel guilty, yell at them, criticize them or their actions. If your friend is mad about something at work, you would never say, “Get used to it, my boss is a jerk, too, and you’ll always have to deal with people like that.” You would ask them to tell you more about it and empathize with them, saying something like, “How frustrating, that must feel terrible!” If your friend seemed just plain grumpy, complaining about everything that ...
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Parents Matter

How to have “the Talk” about Marijuana

When do I start talking about marijuana?  What do I say to my kids about using it? These are really tough questions. The answers vary depending on the age and maturity of your child. It’s usually best to answer your child at their level. A parent with a 10 year old won't handle this situation in the same way a parent of a 16 year old will. This guide from Seattle Children's Hospital is a strong, helpful resource on finding a good way to talk to your child. Dangers of Marijuana for Youth: Marijuana is addictive. It is the number one reason that teens enter substance abuse treatment programs in Washington. Because adolescent brains are still developing, teens under the age of 14 are four times more likely to become addicted, causing them to experience difficulty memorizing things. It can result in academic failure and dropping out of school. Because ...
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Marijuana – What Parents Should Know

Remember to talk to your child about marijuana. Since it's become legal in Washington State for people over age 21 to use marijuana, there are many people who are confused about what's really legal, and what's not. First and foremost - parents need to know it's not OK for them to share marijuana with their kids.  It's a felony to share marijuana with a minor, even if it's in the privacy of your own home. Marijuana use and possession is only legal for those age 21 or older. It's also against the law to open or consume marijuana in public. This includes marijuana-infused products, like edibles. And while it's legal to consume marijuana products within the state of Washington, it's not legal to transport them out of state. The Washington State Liquor Control Board has  a little card flyer with a brief summary of everything parents should know about marijuana. See below ...
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May 2015

Meeting Notes ...
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Pastor Pat Cooley of Valley Heart

Interview with Pastor at Valley Heart Church

Author’s Note:  One of my assignments is talking to local people about how building healthy relationships with kids.  If you'd like to be interviewed, please feel free to contact me at the Rainier Community Cares office:  (360) 446-9147.  If I'm out of the office, just leave a message. Thank you.  Linda Johnson. Pastor Pat Cooley and his wife Tina joined Valley Heart Assembly of God in August of 2013, when he became their minister.  Pat and his wife, Tina, have raised six children, several of which also attend Valley Heart, a church in Rainier.  Yes, sometimes Pat wears jeans when he preaches. Pat’s also a member of Rainier Community Cares, so I interviewed him as part of an assignment on how to communicate and help build healthy relationships with young people.  He took time out of his busy schedule to visit with me and share his views on life and his views ...
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